SUMMARYAculeo l…


Aculeo la Laguna, is located in the Hidrographic basin of Maipo, is one of the biggest bodies of water located in the central depression of Chile, it has a problem of Eutrophication that is getting worse with the pass of the time. It is for that reason that in this assignment quality of Laguna de Aculeo water was determined depending of it use, basing on the Chilean official regulation nº 1.333, which establish standards and parameters of the environmental quality according to the use given to the specific resource. 

To determine the water quality were used historical piece of information monitored by DGA  during the period from 2000 to 2008 to compare with the “irrigation water requirements”, “recreational water use with direct contact requirements” and “use of water for aquatic life requirements” established in the regulation. From the historical piece of information was selected the norm variables, which ones are named below: 


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