From Chile to Canada

Was about seven month ago when I arrive to Canada. Canada it was totally unknown for me at that moment, the only important thing about it, was that it wasn’t United States (sorry) and that they speak English.

I arrive here totally alone, missing everything in my country, were a lot of things that a left to come here, I don’t know why, if I don’t even knew what I was doing, but I did it, and I definitely don’t regret.

I have enjoyed my stay, learning about a lot of things! he most of them are just the thing that lacks in Chile. A huge conscious in environment and recycling, dreamed safety, and almost funny kindness.

The only thing I really I haven’t been able to understand is why Canadians are always complaining about their country, you have such a good country, here you can simply live.

Canadians should try to see how valuable is what you have, you must to realize it, and spread it around the word. Sounds a bit sentimental but there it is, my thinking.

PS: I’m sorry about my writing, I’m learning..



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